Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Simple But Naughty Past LIfe !!!

First i would like to to Thank Allah for giving this life through my loving parents. It's really very tough to and less to describe but i was never be here if they didn't want me ...

If i want to tell about my past life then it should start from my birth. But i want to describe it from what i want to. I born and grown up at Nikunja in the capital city called Dhaka. My family was joint like others. All my relatives were lived together. Shared their daily act together also.
Its really very common but very precious to family. What we can feel !!!

So, this is the environment where i grown up. I was only one son of my parents, so they loved me a lot. Each n everyone was very lovable to me also. I think thats the reason where i did a lot of  

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